The Scarlett Sapphire - DVD

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The Scarlett Sapphire - DVD


The Scarlett Sapphire DVD

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The Scarlett Sapphire - Main Feature

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When Scarlett, a mother with a unique gift, has her son kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation she is forced down a bloody path of murder and mayhem in a desperate bid to recover him.

Scarlett, is an assassin turned rogue when her son is kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation who wish to control her for a unique talent she possesses. For years she has walked a violent and bloody path in search of her son, but now the path ends as she is brought face to face with the man responsible. In a small bar, at the end of the world, Scarlett’s mysterious assailants play their hand in a bid to manipulate her into completing one last job, but find they have grossly underestimated the lengths this mother will go.

Mixing Tarantino-esque dialogue and stylish action The Scarlett Sapphire is a tense and explosive thriller that examines the lengths one woman, Scarlett, will go to get her son back from an illuminati-like organisation who have taken him.  With a mix of brains, action and heart the film is gripping and entertaining in a way that respects the viewer’s intelligence while remaining satisfying on every level.