Community Announcement Z Indiegogo Campaign by Luke Griffiths

The brainchild of writer/director Melinda Tupling, Community Announcement Z is a zany zombie comedy (Zomcom) that addresses the very real issues of coal seam fracking in Western Australia. The project is raucously fun, and will be something with huge entertainment value! However, in order to make it through the expense of post-production and onto the world festival circuit we are running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds.

I am involved with this project as both the Director of Photography and Editor. I'll probably also pull a double shift as the colourist, and sound designer, but either way I am super excited to be part of the project. In terms of shooting I have never worked on something so improvisational, when Melinda told me we were going to be working very documentary style she meant it; albeit a documentary where we can do multiple takes. It was my first go working with the Canon 5D, and while it took a little getting used to I actually quite enjoyed the experience, especially when I was able to use Location  Equipment's 5D Mk.III. I'd heard a lot of bad things about the camera, but the truth is it worked exactly as it needed to and with a set of E-Series Zooms the image looked fantastic!

I am excited to get this project into the edit suite and cut it into the piece of zany entertainment it has the potential to be, but before that can happen we need to get funds in order to make it happen; to finish off the final pieces of filming and push it into the edit suite. If you're interested please have a look at the Indiegogo Campaign; if you have the cash please chip in, or if not just sharing it will help spread this film like a plague of zombies, marching to the apocalypse.