Light is Magnetic - Music Video Shoot / by Luke Griffiths

If you've looked through the other work I have done, you might notice one name that keeps popping up: Melinda Tupling. A frequent collaborator of mine, Mel and I have worked on many, many very cool projects together, however this latest project might be the coolest we've worked on. It is a dreamy little music video for solo artist, and friend of Mel's: Kat, and her song 'Light is Magnetic.'

The modus operandi for this music video was dreamy and surreal so I went back to a technique that I've always loved: slow motion syncing. Making use of the Sony FS700's (provided by Location Equipment) slow and quick mode I filmed the majority of the music video at 50fps. This worked really well when we went down to the Rockingham Salt Lakes and found ourselves in a roaring easterly. Kat's hair and dress rippled in the wind, which looked great at half speed especially when we planned the shots so that her words would stay in sync with the original song. In order to keep Kat's vocals in sync we played the music back at double speed, which meant that when I eventually edit the piece her mouth movements should match the speed of the song.

Later in the day we travelled back to Perth for the second part of our shoot. Setting up shop in an empty room at Mel's house. With this part we created a really cool look by mashing together a number of cool techniques such projecting images onto translucent scrim while Kat stood behind it lit by a strong back light and a form of moving light source called a "dream machine". This all looked very cool, but one happy accident that occurred was when Kat moved out of the way of the strong back light I'd set up it would catch on the scrim and create this really cool looking flares.

In terms of lenses I made use of the Canon 16-35mm, and 24-70mm L-Series F2.8 Zooms, with the Metabones E to EF Adaptor. These lenses are a great complement to the FS700 because they look great, have a consistent F-Stop throughout the zoom range and are nice and light compared to their PL Mount cousins that I'm used to using with this camera. One problem I have with the FS700 is that every time you go into a menu, or change a setting, the Slow and Quick would automatically turn off, which meant there may have been a take or two that I didn't actually shoot in slow motion like I'd have wanted to.

Overall this shoot was a great one. Stripped back, fast and creative; just how I like it!