"When Scarlett, a mother with a unique gift, has her son kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation she is forced down a bloody path of murder and mayhem in a desperate bid to recover him."  

Mixing Tarantino-esque dialogue and stylish action The Scarlett Sapphire is a tense and explosive short thriller that explores how far a mother will go to recover her child. Filmed late 2013 in Perth, Western Australia, The Scarlett Sapphire stars Australian actress Emily Howard and is written and directed by Luke Griffiths, who recently received acclaim for his short film, ‘Please Don’t Go,’ which received the Director’s Choice Award at the 2013 Revel8 Super 8 Film Competition, part of the Revelations Perth International Film Festival. 

Through the lens of political intrigue, The Scarlett Sapphire examines the lengths one woman, Scarlett, will go to get her son back from an illuminati-like organisation who have taken him. The story will be told stylishly and cinematically with tension escalating at every turn as we follow Scarlett, this mother turned assassin, in her final confrontation with the organisation that for years has been leading her down a twisted and bloody path. With a mix of brains, action and heart the film will be gripping and entertaining in a way that respects the viewer’s intelligence while remaining satisfying on every level.